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Team Science

The growth in the scale and complexity of scientific research over the past several decades has led to a corresponding increase in collaborative research, often referred to as team science.

The rise of team science can be seen in the increasing fraction of scientific publications having multiple authors, which now stands at about 90%.  Team science plays an especially important role in addressing our most pressing scientific and societal challenges. Many of these challenges are multidisciplinary in nature, and they are leading scientists to collaborate in new and creative ways.

At the University of Virginia, team science approaches are enabling our faculty to advance discovery in the five strategic research themes of UVA's 2030 Strategic Plan:

Team science and transdisciplinary research are also central to UVA’s strategic investments in the 3 Cavaliers Program and the Pan University Institutes:

The prevalence of team science has led to the emergence of the Science of Team Science, an interdisciplinary field that studies the processes by which scientific teams conduct research. The Science of Team Science considers fundamental questions about how teams collaborate to achieve scientific breakthroughs that are not achievable through individual efforts. This includes disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary teams with varying levels of integration among team members.

Many students, faculty, and staff at UVA are involved in team science. The resources below are intended as a helpful guide for those who want to learn more about team science and its practices.


Team Science Fundamentals

Putting the Team in Team Science

Institutional Support for Team Science





Team Science Resources for Students