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Office of the Vice President for Research

The Pan University Institutes

2017 Institutes

The Global Infectious Diseases Institute, led by Associate Professor Alison Criss, Ph.D.

Established in 2017, The Global Infectious Diseases Institute brings together over 140 UVA researchers who are invested in combating infectious diseases worldwide. We have collaborations on six continents and are engaging local and global communities in infectious disease research, from fundamental mechanisms of disease, to diagnostics and treatment approaches and their appropriate implementation, to understanding the policy, legal, and economic implications of infectious diseases throughout the world.


The Environmental Resilience Institute, led by Professor Karen McGlathery, Ph.D.

The Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI) is the hub of environmental resilience and sustainability research at the University of Virginia. ERI builds a diverse and collaborative community to accelerate the rate of discovery, trains the next generation of leaders in integrative research, and develops external partnerships to translate research findings into policy and practice. Over 100 faculty from 10 UVA schools are affiliated with the Institute. Focus areas evolve over time to reflect opportunities and need. Current priorities for ERI funding are Climate Resilience, Water and Energy Security, and Environment and Health.  

ERI 2018-2019 Annual Report

2016 Institute

The Brain Institute, led by Professor Jaideep Kapur, M.D., Ph.D.

The University of Virginia Brain Institute was founded in the Spring of 2016 as part of the Cornerstone Plan, with the mission to create a network of closely interacting basic, translational, data and clinical neuroscientists at multiple schools at UVA to address key problems in neuroscience for the benefit of society.

UVA Brain draws upon talented faculty and students across the University to develop better methods for understanding the brain; seek new ways to prevent, treat, and cure brain diseases and injury; and teach what they have learned.

2014 Institute

The Data Science Institute, led by Professor Phil Bourne, Ph.D.

Since 2013, the University of Virginia Data Science Institute has pursued a dual mission to educate students and to enable researchers to solve real-world problems using data science in collaboration with academic, government, industry and community partners.

In 2019 UVA established a new School of Data Science through a generous gift from the Quantitative Foundation. The University of Virginia School of Data Science—the first of its kind in the nation—is guided by common goals: to further discovery, share knowledge, and make a positive impact on society through collaborative, open, and responsible data science research and education

See the plans for the new School of Data Science.