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Limited Submissions

Limited submission opportunities (LSOs) are opportunities for funding in which the sponsor has placed restrictions on the number of applications that may be submitted from an institution; if an institution exceeds the stated limit, all submissions from that institution may be rejected. UVA has an internal selection process to determine which applicant(s) will submit to these opportunities; the Office of Vice President for Research (VPR) oversees this process. If you find a funding opportunity of interest and believe it is limited, you must contact us immediately; VPR will review the opportunity and determine next steps.

To view and apply for open limited submission opportunities that VPR is currently coordinating, please visit the Limited Submission Competition Page.  

Limited Submission Competition Page

Faculty are invited to serve as as a reviewer for UVA Limited Submissions. In you are interested, reach out to us



The Office of the VPR monitors a number of recurring limited submission opportunities and disseminates internal solicitations regularly. If an LSO is targeted to faculty within a School/Department, the VPR Office will defer to that unit for coordination. If there are additional LSOs that that Schools would like for the VPR office to add to the list to coordinate, please let us know. Notification of LSOs handled by VPR are publicized as follows::

  • Limited Submission Competition Page
  • LSO Mailing List - To sign up for email alerts for all limited submission opportunities (LSOs) posted to the limited submission competition page, send an email to with the word subscribe as the only word in the Subject heading (do not use capital letters or other punctuation in the Subject heading).
  • Targeted Emails - Sent to Associate Deans of Research and others from appropriate Schools, Departments, and units. Each School has separate processes for sharing these announcements with faculty and staff.


  • Submit an Letter of Intent (LOI) – instructions available here.
  • Submit a Pre-Proposal –If there is more interest than the number of submissions allowed by the sponsor, the individuals who submitted an LOI will then be invited to submit a pre-proposal for an internal competition. Information regarding the pre-proposal is generally provided within the internal solicitation.   
  • Review and Candidate Selection - Pre-proposals are passed on for evaluation by reviewers.
    • Internal Review – Ad-hoc internal review committees provide critical reviews of internal pre-proposals and make recommendations for the pre-proposal(s) that should go forward for external submission.
    • External Review – The VPR office will also seek external peer reviews through professional organizations and contacts as needed to facilitate a thorough scientific review for selected opportunities.
    • Automatic Selection – Utilized when there is only one LOI received.  Proposal feedback is not provided.

The limited submission team notifies individual internal applicants of their pre-proposal review results via email. If a faculty member decides to decline the selection, they must notify as soon as possible to allow another faculty member to compete externally.


If there is interest in a limited submission opportunity that we have not announced and there is insufficient time to conduct an internal competition (<8 weeks), VPR will coordinate with the school research administrators through the Office of Sponsored Programs to determine if there is an interest among researchers at their schools to respond to the LSO.  


Some limited submission opportunities include cost share requirements. Cost share requirements at the pre-proposal stage can vary; in some cases, cost share must be specified at the pre-proposal stage, while in other cases only estimates are required. PIs should work with the Department and Dean’s Office to develop a cost share package that is appropriate for the specific limited submission program, as described in the internal RFP.


Depending on the funding opportunity, staff in the Office of the Vice President for Research, UVA Corporate & Foundation Relations, or other units may provide additional resources for proposal development to faculty who have been selected to submit to the sponsor. The process for acquiring appropriate approvals and submitting proposals to sponsors is generally handled through research administrators within your department or in your school; please make sure to touch base with your research administrator to confirm details.


Please feel free to contact with questions.