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Office of the Vice President for Research

Limited Submission Opportunities

Limited submission opportunities (LSOs) are opportunities for funding in which the sponsor has placed restrictions on the number of applications that may be submitted from an institution.  If an institution exceeds the stated limit, all submissions from that institution may be rejected. To view and apply for open limited submission opportunities that the Office of the Vice President for Research is currently coordinating, please visit the Limited Submission Competition Page. 

Limited Submission Competition Page

Note: For a list of typically recurring limited submission opportunities, please see the Limited Submission Opportunities Table. Please be aware that this is meant to serve as a general reference for faculty and administrators for planning purposes. 

Announcements of LSOs  

The Office of the Vice President of Research curates, publicizes, and facilitates limited submission funding opportunities.  If an LSO is targeted to faculty within a School/Department, the VPR Office will defer to that unit for coordination. Notification of Limited Submission Opportunities coordinated by VPR are: 

  • posted to the limited submissions competition page
  • announced via email to the lso_announce mailing list. To sign up for email alerts for all limited submission opportunities (LSOs) posted to the limited submission competition page, send an email to with the word subscribe as the only word in the Subject heading (do not use capital letters or other punctuation in the Subject heading).
  • announced via email to Associate Deans of Research and others from appropriate Schools, Departments, and units via email. Each School has separate processes for sharing these announcements with faculty and staff.

Policies and Procedures

  1. The Office of the VP for Research identifies and advertises numerous limited submission funding opportunities each year.  Due to the number of programs, it is not possible to issue a call for all limited submission opportunities; faculty or staff may identify opportunities that have not been announced by our office.  If you find a funding opportunity of interest and believe it is limited, you must contact us as soon as possible.  This step is critical; if an institution exceeds the stated limit, the sponsor may reject all proposals from UVA.  If there is not sufficient time to conduct an internal competition, VPR will work with OSP to ensure that UVA does not exceed the institutional limit. Typically, 9-15 weeks are needed between the launch of the internal requests for LOI and the external due date.
  2. If the sponsor deadline has not expired but the internal deadlines have passed, you still may be able to apply to the sponsor. Contact us. We will work with OSP to ensure that UVA will not exceed the institutional limit on the number of proposals.
  3. Before holding an internal competition, we typically issue a Call for Letters of Intent to determine interest. If there is more interest than the number of submissions allowed by the sponsor (e.g., three faculty have expressed interest in applying to an opportunity where the sponsor only allows one proposal from UVA), the individuals that submitted a Letter of Intent will then be invited to an internal competition.
  4. Some limited submission opportunities include cost share requirements. Cost share requirements at the pre-proposal stage can vary; in some cases cost share must be specified at the pre-proposal stage, while in other cases only estimates are required. PIs should work with the Department and Dean’s Office to develop a cost share package that is appropriate for the specific limited submission program, as described in the internal RFP.
  5. For limited funding opportunities that require an internal competition, the Office of the VP for Research coordinates a confidential internal review of proposals. Reviewers for individual limited submission opportunities are drawn from a standing committee of tenured faculty members who are nominated by the Schools and appointed by the VPR. Ad hoc committee members may also be invited to serve on specific panels based on their subject expertise and/or their experience with a particular sponsor or program. The internal review committee provides critical reviews of internal pre-proposals and makes recommendations for the pre-proposals that should go forward for external submission. The Office of the VP for Research at UVA follows the best practice of many foundations and agencies and does not disclose the names of individual reviewers who contribute to a specific review panel. 
  6. The limited submission team notifies individual internal applicants of their pre-proposal review results via email. The limited submission team notifies the Department, School, and OSP of the proposal(s) that will go forward for external submission via email. If a faculty member decides to decline the selection, they must notify as soon as possible to allow another faculty member to compete externally.

Note: For LSOs, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to check the limited submission competition page for internal deadlines and review processes before making plans to prepare proposals.

Proposal Development

Depending on the funding opportunity, staff in the Office of the Vice President for Research, UVA Corporate & Foundation Relations, or other units may provide additional resources for proposal development to faculty who have been selected to submit to the sponsor.


Please feel free to contact with questions.