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Higher Learning

The Mellon Foundation
Upper $5,600,000USD In 2019, 179 grants were awarded for $150,652,962. Generally grants are less than $1M.
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Higher Learning supports inclusive humanities education and diverse learning environments--spaces where the ideas that enrich our understanding of a complex world are created and elevated.

We work with colleges, universities, and other organizations that embrace equity in higher learning, with a focus on historically underserved populations, including nontraditional and incarcerated students. Alongside our investment at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the work and health of core humanities fields, we offer robust support for paradigm-shifting interdisciplinary studies that are necessary to the evolution of those traditional disciplines.

With our partners, we support sharper critical thinking to create a generation who can help steer a more engaged, multivocal, and truly democratic society.

Inquiries concerning a proposed grant should be made through the Foundation's grantee portal, Fluxx. If Foundation staff find that the proposed grant fits within the Foundation's grantmaking priorities, staff will invite a grant proposal through the portal.

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