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Project/Performance Site Location(s)

Project/Performance Site Location(s)

Project/Performance Site Location(s) Form Template

*This form allows for collection of multiple performance sites. If more locations need to be provided, enter the information in a separate file and add it to the “Additional Locations” section.

*Highlighted Areas are required to be filled out


Information on Site Locations

Project/Performance Site Primary Location

  • Generally – the primary location should be the applicant organization or identified as off-site in accordance with applicant organizations’ negotiated F&A agreement.
    • *Must agree with F&A information in budget If the proposed project involves human subjects or live vertebrate animals, the application organization is responsible for ensuring that all sites meet Human Subjects & Vertebrate Animals criteria.

Project/Performance Site Location 1

  • Use this to provide information on performance sites in addition to the Primary Performance Site above (if applicable).
    • Include VA facilities and foreign sites.


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