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Office of the Vice President for Research

Facilities and Other Resources

Below you will find the available Schools and Institutes along with their respective Facilities and Resources

* When filling out this section: describe how the scientific environment in which the research will be done contributes to the probability of success

i.e. institutional support, physical resources, and intellectual rapport


College of Arts and Sciences

Curry School of Education School of Engineering  School of Medicine

School of Architecture

School of Nursing School of Data Science Batten School 

School of Law

McIntire School of Commerce School of Continuing and Professional Studies Darden School of Business

Central Resources

UVa. Research Overview Statement

Research Core Facilities

Cross-cutting Research Institutes 

Research Informatics

Clinical Resources

UVA Clinical Research Resources UVA Telehealth/Telemedicine Clinical Research Administrative Offices

In describing the scientific environment in which the work will be done:

  • Discuss ways in which the proposed studies will benefit from unique feathers of the scientific environment or from unique subject populations
  • How studies will employ useful collaborative arrangements.


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